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About Me.

Design Professional with 15+ Years of Multidisciplinary Experience


As a designer with over 15 years of experience in digital, print, web, and more, I have a diverse skill set. My expertise in project management and client relations allows me to consistently deliver customized design solutions tailored to unique needs. I have collaborated with industry leaders such as Verizon, AT&T Interactive, Sage Publications, Technicolor, and Lockton.



I possess an innovative mindset and a passion for continuous learning, and I am deeply committed to creating compelling designs that bring client visions to life while inspiring with fresh creative possibilities. This drive for personal and professional growth has been a catalyst throughout my career.



With my broad cross-industry experience, motivation, and passionate approach to design, I am genuinely thrilled about the potential to collaborate with your team. My strong capabilities, curiosity to explore new concepts, and steadfast commitment to exceptional artistry give me confidence in making a meaningful impact that elevates your design efforts.



Moreover, my enthusiasm for travel and exploring new experiences has expanded my creative horizons, injecting a unique global perspective into my work. Engaging with diverse cultures and mediums continually fuels my creativity and passion for innovative design.

Work Experience

Jun 2023 - Present 


Freelance Graphic Web  Designer

Los Angeles, CA | Remote

Client: Canyon Partners, LLC

  • With a focus on UI/UX design redesigned revamped the company’s internal web-banner and icons, significantly enhancing visual appeal and user-friendliness.

  • Delivered a modernist, eye-catching design that effectively communicated the company’s creative vision through accurate and updated IFU content and graphics, resulting in the redesigned Employee Handbook, Travel Book, and various forms for HR purposes.

  • Revamping the company's monthly email newsletter by redesigning it with a fresh, mobile-responsive layout and visually compelling design, adhering to brand guidelines.

  • Programs used: Illustrator, InDesign, & Email. 

Client: Coral Collective

  • Revitalized a PowerPoint presentation through the incorporation of modern design, typography, and photo manipulation, resulting in a visually stunning and impactful end product that perfectly conveys the message 

Apr 2022 - 2023

NVE Experience Agency

Part-time Freelance Graphic Designer

West Hollywood, CA | Remote

  • Provided flexible design support as required, such as overflow or weekend work hours. 

  • Created digital assets that meet the brand’s specific needs and requirements, paying close attention to production and output to maintain a cohesive look across projects. Programs used: Figma, Box, Illustrator, Photoshop, & Teams

Feb. 2013- Jun 2021

Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC

Graphic Designer

Los Angeles, CA | Hybrid

  • Managed the quick turnaround of 12+ projects a day, ensuring low and high-fidelity design thinking compliance in a portfolio of print and digital assets, and regulatory including brochures, corporate data documentation, price charts, email ads, print advertisements, flyers, tickets, badges, placemats, and banners. 

  • Ensured compliance with regulations and industry standards through accurate and updated IFU content and graphics, as well as brand consistency across projects, and provided mentorship to team members or collaborators. 

  • Collaborated with internal and external clients to create user documentation, training materials, and designs, while coordinating with cross-functional teams. 

  • Oversaw the entire creative project lifecycle and handled design requests through a customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

  • Maintained brand consistency, mentored team members, and collaborated with renowned clientele from various industries, such as Crystal Creamery, FashionNova, Red Lobster, S. Martinelli & Company, Latham & Watkins, Foster Farms, The Roosevelt Hotel, LinkedIn, and more. 

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative and MS Office Suite for tasks, including brochure creation and PowerPoint presentations.

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