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Sugarbae |  Email Marketing

I was asked to create an email marketing piece to promote SugarBae sweets custom-designed cakes & pastries. I focused on designing a design that would appeal to the target audience but also be purposeful & intentional.


I used bold & expressive designs in Adobe software to create an eye-catching layout that accurately represented the unique features of each cake. I included call-to-action links and a social media logo in the email to promote interaction with the brand. My challenge was to find a balance between visually appealing designs and concise content. Using user experience design principles, I ensured the content was easily read.


This project was an excellent opportunity for me to showcase my Adobe Creative Cloud skills, email marketing skills, user experience design skills, and visual communication skills. Not only did I get to showcase my skills with Adobe Creative Cloud applications, but I also got to showcase my expertise in email marketing, UI design, visual communication, and visual communication.

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