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Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Corporate Rebrand 

I have created a rebranding initiative for BART, the primary transit system in the San Francisco Bay Area. The initiative includes a modern yet faithful evolution of BART's iconic logo and brand identity, taking into account specific insights about the brand and its target audience. Additionally, we have developed a branded graphic standards guideline for usage across all platforms, as well as a new stationery system, ticket layouts, and brochure samples aligned with the refresh. To capture BART's authenticity, we used a blend of custom photography and stock imagery, selecting specific images and styles to reflect the unique aspects of BART's locale.


This strategic creative direction maintains the brand equity while injecting a contemporary aesthetic, balancing the tradition that BART represents with the innovation it seeks to embody. The promotional posters effectively convey BART's critical benefits to the community through compelling visuals and messaging. This large-scale rebranding project demonstrates the ability to harmonize tradition with innovation and oversee an identity overhaul spanning numerous multimedia touchpoints. It underscores strategic thinking, understanding of brand narratives, and the ability to execute a unified, impactful vision.

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