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NVE Experience Agency: 
Pride 2022 | Promotional GearDesign Options

Tasked with designing modern and eye-catching promotional gear for Pride 2022, I crafted visually stunning designs across three themes: Floral Infusion, Shimmer & Shine, and Reflections & Glow Up. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I balanced creativity with maintaining the essence of Pride.

The Floral Infusion collection celebrated diversity with vibrant floral patterns. Shimmer & Shine incorporated metallic elements and bold geometrics, evoking glamour and confidence. Reflections & Glow Up explored neon colors and abstract forms for a futuristic, empowering aesthetic.

Balancing creativity with preserving Pride's heritage was a challenge overcome through research into LGBTQ+ iconography and history. This project showcased my Adobe skills while allowing me to explore themes of inclusivity and self-expression through design, garnering positive feedback from clients and festival attendees.

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